Be Careful if you own a Skeith  

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Pronounces as skeeth

Skeith will eats anything, including Battledome Equipment, furniture, Petpets, Petpetpets, codestones, dubloons, Paint Brushes and Junks. If you own a skeith, you can easily get rid of all those junk by feeding it to him.

One thing to keep note of if you own a Skeith is that when it is hungry and you visit your Quick Ref page, it may snatch and consume an item from your inventory. When it does this, it becomes bloated. So if you own one, don't put anything valuable, important in your inventory. Keep it at the safe deposit box.

Although a Skeith can eat anything, they will come down with Neezles if fed anything with the word "Cheese" in it's name. So stay away from cheese. But have no fear, a neezles is easy to cure. just give it a Neezles Jab which is quite cheap.

Another to take note of if you have a skeith is that when you want to perform an action, say play a toy with your pet, because of the extra thing you can do with the item when you own a skeith. The extra option is "feed" like this:

According to the survey conducted by TNT, the best colour to paint a Skeith is:

ps: he doesn't want to eat the old rotten boots. But he will eat teh old rotten slipper. LOL.

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