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The last pet in Neopia. Here is Zafara.

Zafara Day - Feb 3rd

As of November 2006, they are the 18th most popular pet with over 4.5 million living in Neopia.

The Zafara is an adventurous little Neopian that likes to read. Not very many have been featured in the Neopets plots except in crowd scenes. It resembles a cross between a reptile and a kangaroo. Zafaras have three spikes on their back, and have two fingers and a thumb on their arms, and big feet with three toes.

The Zafara is said to bring good luck to those who treat them well. Zafaras primarily have three spikes on their back, but this changes in accordance with different colours and characters. According to the information on an old zafara petpage, these spikes were protective fins. Zafaras have an incredible hearing range, but they do not have a good sense of smell. Zafaras have an innate ability to create fire because of their Battledome ability - Zafara Flame.

In the Neopets TCG, Zafaras are associated with the element of light.

Famous Zafaras include:
* Ace Zafara
The Zafara pilot in the game Advert Attack, a game created by Virtupets.

* Alice

The mother of Bruno and Sophie in the Tale of Woe.

* Edna the Witch

Edna is constantly trying to master her spells, spending most of her time tucked away in her gloomy, grey-walled tower, mixing ingredients in her bubbling cauldron. She is also in NeoQuest II, in the Haunted Woods, part 4 of the game. She is also gives out quests to willing neopians.

* Kayla

An aspiring Potion maker who currently has a shop in Meridell where she sells all her Potions.

* Mr Leer

A professor of Potion Brewing Basics at the NeoSchool. One of our most advanced classes this term, Mr Leer will be taking your Neopet through the basic components of spells and where to find the ingredients. One third of this class will be spent doing practical experiments, the purchase of an apron is recommended. In the second half of the term there will be a guest lesson taught by the legendary Kauvara! Final Exams - 10th day of Celebrating

* Pipka and Zapka
They are merchants from Neoquest II.

Pipka says, "Don't listen to anything my brother Zapka over there says. He sells weapons, not armour! What does he know? I know more about either armour or weapons than he does. So, what are you interested in buying?"

Zapka says, "Don't listen to anything my brother Pipka over there says. He sells armour, not weapons! What does he know? I know more about either weapons or armour than he does. So, what are you interested in buying?"

* Sarah

The Zafara who knows everything about Neopia, and helps players out with her information.

* The Zafara Double Agent

Master Spy. She sells her knowledge and skills to the highest bidder and thus her loyalties are never truly clear. Little is known of this covert Zafara. Her real name is among the many things she's chosen to keep secret about her identity.

* The Zafara Rogue

She is a crafty swordmistress who will relieve your purse of a few Neopoints without you feeling a thing.

* Zina
Zafara member of the Desert Scarabs from the Lost Desert Plot. She is also one of the characters you can play as in the puzzle game Ruins Rampage.

* Delma Harrence

The Defender for Faerieland in Altador Cup 2006. This tireless defender bears the burden of trying to slow down the other teams' scorers while Faerieland's trio of forwards pile up the points. It's a thankless job, but one that she does surprisingly well.

Avatar related to a Zafara:
Ace Zafara Avatar

Submit a score of 550+ in the game Advert Attack

Helpful Zafara

Type "avatar" repeatedly on the Help Page

Sneaky Avatar

First get a Zafara Double Agent Plushie, which is trading at 1.6million,in your inventory. Then do a search at the sidebar for Zafara Double Agent.

I don't quite like Zafara. They reminded me of rodents. And I am scared of rats. But just in case you like them, here are some:

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