Haunted Wood Plot : Chapter 13 - Steps  

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Here's what you need to do. Pretty simple. Well, everything is pretty simple after all those potion making. Remember to click "Continue" after every action.

Step 1:
Go to the Asylum in Neovia.

Step 2:
You will enter an office.

Click on the tilted Lamp. It will be added to your Quest Inventory.

Then click on those paper lying on the table on the right. You will get a note which is the Journal.

Step 3:
Then go through one of the door and just click on the door in the hallway until you find a room with the dog.

Click on the note on the floor and leave.

Step 4:
Try to find the garden by clicking on one of the door. I just click randomly.

Then click on one of the door and try to find the room with a zombie lying on the floor.

Step 5:
Click on the pocket of the zombie until you find a key.

Then click on the Note stick on the closet.

Then leave the room.

Step 6:
Now try to find a room with lots of zombie in it.

Click on any of the zombie and you will see Gilly beating one of the zombie with the lamp.

After you click "continue", you will see a zombie on the floor. Click on his pocket, top left corner until you find the gold key. (forgot to take a screenie)

Step 7:
Leave the room and try to find the garden. In the middle of the garden, there is a pile of leaves. Click on it and you will see Gilly saying this:

So now you need to find the shovel.

Go back to the room with that zombie sitting on the floor where you found the other key. Click on the closet and you should see it open. Grab the shovel.

Step 8:
Go back to the garden and start digging. Then you will see a bone. Click on the bone.

Step 9:
With the bone in your inventory, go back to the room where the dog is. Then click on the dog and you will see the dog eating the bone.

Step 10:

With the dog's attention on the bone, click on the cell's door. This will lead you to more cell door.

Step 11:
Try opening the doors. To get out of the page, click at the bottom of the page. That should bring you back to all the doors.

Just click on them until you find a door with a note on the floor.

Step 12:
Continue to open the door until you could open 1 of the door.

Then it's:

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