Haunted Wood Plot - Chapter 11 - Steps  

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Step 1: Go read the comics

Step 2; Go to Battledome and fight 3 new and more powerful challengers. I am done. I don't think I can only fight 1 of them.

I will try to gather some information on what type of weapon to use to fight this 3 challengers.

My suggestion would be fight them at least once even though you know you are going to lose. From my experience from the Altador Cup, even if you lose, you will be rewarded.

Herman Dorpdraf

I beat this opponent like this:
1. 2 Rings of Scarab with Drain Life.
2. 1 ring of Scarab, 1 Obsidian dagger and Burrow
3. 1 greater healer scroll, 1 ring of scarab and sink
4. 2 rings of scarab and fiery gaze.

Bennie the Jub

Disgruntled Townspeople

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