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Folks, it's TODAY.

To get the Halloween Side bar, you have to be at the Huanted Wood at 3:59:00pm - 3:59:59pm(singapore/malaysia times) or 11:59:00pm - 11:59:59 and refresh. It's only available in that 1 minute. By 0:00:00 NST, if you get it, you got it. If not, better luck next year.

I suggest getting there at 3:55pm and just refresh like crazy. haahaahaa... yeap I want it that desperately. I want my Halloween Side bar. I missed it last year.

I really hope TNT will take pity on me (the Count just took 4 level from my fav pet) and let me have this side bar. Please!!!!

Good Luck.

Do let me know if you get it.

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Wish you lots of luck. :)

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