DoN: Series 1 - Mission 6 - Commander Garoo  

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Ever since I had a taste of blood in the battledome with the stones, trees and townfolks in the Haunted Wood Plot, I am obessessed with fighting. I have been training my Bruce and she helped me defeated the Brain Tree.

Then I had to go find Commander Garoo since I don't have him as my opponent. I spent 3 days refreshing at the Virtupets® Space Station. I found some very interesting messages which I will talked about later.

I finally got him today. But because I hit the F5 button too fast, I didn't managed to get a screenie for it.

Next I had to go buy the weapons to fight him. Someone recommended getting these weapons:

I spent:
Scroll of Freezing - 85,000MP
Shove Plus - 9000NP
2 Water Muffins - 24,000NP (12,000 NP each)
1 Thick Smoke Bomb - 10,300NP

Total: 128,300NP (wow.. that's almost 3 lab map. LOL)

So off I went to the Battle Ground.

I went in and showed him the Scroll of Freezing and it froze him.
The Thick Smoke Bomb and my ability to Drain Life take some damage from him.

Then I throw 1 Water Muffin, 1 Scarab Ring and Berserk Attack

In the 3rd round, I use 1 Water Muffin, the Shovel Plus and Burrow.

That didn't finished him. I have nothing left, so I got finished off instead.


So off I went to heal and buy more weapons.

This time, I bought:

4 water muffins - 48,000NP
1 thick Smoke Bomb - 10,300NP

Total: 58,300NP

And off I went again.

These are my weapon this time.

I gave him the Scroll of Freezing and the Thick Smoke Bomb with Drain Life. It work like the first time.

Then I throw 2 Water Muffins and Berserk Attack.

It hit him bad, and I threw 2 more Water Muffins with my Burrow ability. Didn't finished him.

I am left with 1 Scarab Ring and 1 Leaf Sheild. So I use these with Berserk Attack. 2 rounds later, he's done.

I finally won the battle and I got a trophy to show off.... haaa!!haaa!!!haaa!!!!

Remember to click "Back to the Defender of Neopia Headquarter" to claim your trophy or else ... you won't get your trophy and you have to fight him again.

Total cost of this battle is 186,600NP. I take 1 week to earn that much but it took me 5 minutes to spent it. ROFLOL.

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