Haunted Wood Plot - Chapter 3 - Steps  

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Go back to Sophie Shack.

Then you will see a conversation between Gilly, Sophie and Bruno.

So off we go searching Ilere.

A: Swamp

When you click "go find ilere" it will bring you to the swamp.

The swamp looks different for everyone. So what I have posted is my path. You have to choose one of the path and try to find a stick.

1. Find the stick
2. Find that hissi (I saw him, but I didn't have the stick)

3. Hit Hissi

B: High Woods:

1. Then you will be entering the High Woods. Which you will find vines on the floor. Pick it up.

2. Collect as many vine you can find. There are 5 times of vines to find.

The databse is jam, jam, jam... and I need to go out now.

Message from TNT:

Till I update later.

Okay, let's get going.

3. Once you have collected all your vines, 5 types and 6 each, (So you should have 30 vines) walk through the High woods and when you see something like this, a cliff area where the center is clickable, drop all your vine on the floor.

4. Try your combination of vine. (different for everyone). I got mine 5,6,6,2. (I only use 4 types of vine)

If you don't get it right, you may get a message like this:

If you got it right, you will see this image and message telling you what you need to do.

When you add a vine, and it's a right addition, it will show you the "over the cliff" image. If it's just a message that doesn't go to the cliff, it means, you don't need that vine. Discard the vine.

If your combination is right and it get you over the clif,, just keep adding the same vine or add a different vine. As long as it get you over the cliff, that means you are doing something right. When it's strong and long enough, it will bring you to the Deep Wood where there are meepit.

Note: Try to add your vine one at a time because if it's too long, you will see this message:

You spend a few minutes weaving the vines you've collected into a rope. You tie your rope to a tree and toss it over the cliff. Your rope is barely strong enough! It'll support Bruno's weight, but you probably shouldn't leave him on it too long. Your rope is too long, and some kind of monster grabs it and yanks it off the cliff. You'll have to make another one.

I was lucky that this didn't happened to me.

C: Deep Wood:

1. Now you have to go and play Meepit Juice Break and score at least 300 points and send your score.

2. When you return back to the deep wood, you will find the meepit juice in your inventory. So go find the Ghost Meepits. Give the Juice to the Ghost Meepit. The first time you give the meepit juice to the meepit, it will still run away.

3. Then Sophie will make a magic meepit juice. If you click on your inventory, the meepit juice has changed.

4. You can go find the Meepits again and give them the Ghost Meepit Juice. It will drink it and start following you. Continue on and find the other six Meepits, collecting them the same way.

5. After you have all seven Meepits, go to the screen with the seven lights. Click on the meepit from your inventory and click on the lights. All your meepit will be place in the light.

6. When your meepit is in the right spot,they will start to move. Continue to try to put the meepit in their place. Then when you are done with all 7 meepits, a light will appear and your are done.

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