Graveyard Digger  

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In less than a week to Halloween, we Neopians have a mission. To dig graves in the Haunted Woods. While I was out digging grave, I encounter numerous creatuers of the night. I am amazed I survived to tell the tales.

Here are some really fascinating creatures:

Darigan Techo

Mutant Skeith

Darigan Peophin

Island Kyrii

Darigan Lupe

Darigan Kyrii

Halloween Kougra

Darigan Kougra

Tyrannian Ixi

Mutant Ixi

Tyrannian Gnorbu

Pirate Eyrie

Darigan Grundo

Darigan Gelert

Mutant Korbat

Mutant Ruki

Mutant Kougra

Halloween Tuskaninny

Halloween Ruki

Halloween Kyrii

Halloween Zafara

Halloween Uni

Darigan Lupe

Darigan Bruce

But some are pretty adorable.

Halloween Jubjub

Even the Royal Family came out to hunt too. Why? Too boring in the Palace?

Royal Girl Jubjub

Royal Boy Krawk

Royal Girl Ixi

Royal Boy Cybunny

Royal Girl Aisha

Royal Girl Poogle

Now why does the faeries come into this part of the wood? I met a few faeries. I quickly show them the way back to the Faerieland. They must have made a wrong turn. LOL.

Faerie Krawk

Faerie Lenny

Faerie Peophin

Some creature that's totally out of place here. Amazing they can breathe outside the water.

Maraquan Gelert

Maraquan Meerca

Maraquan Uni

Maraquan Shoyru

Maraquan Pteri

Now this group really doesn't belong here. How did they find their way here?! Where are their babysitters? Is this a field trip for the young one?

Baby Techo

Baby Peophin

Baby Jubjub

Baby Bori

Baby Aisha

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