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This is going into the category of expensive item avatar.

You need to collect all the stamps on the snowy valley page. This list is:

Snow Wars Catapult Stamp - 1,250np

Rainbow Slushie Stamp -1,328np

Frosty Snowman Stamp - 7,800np

Wintery Petpet Shop Stamp - 9,000np

Wintery Bruce Stamp - 15,000np

Christmas Meerca Stamp - 11,200np

Terror Mountain Scene Stamp - 10,000np

Igloo Garage Sale Stamp - 9,000np

Rink Runner Stamp

Christmas Kougra Stamp - 9,985np

Christmas Uni Stamp - 2,440np

Christmas Zafara Stamp - 10,000np

Scratch Card Kiosk Stamp

Candychan Stamp - 8.5 nillion np

Grundo Snow Throw Stamp - 27,999np

Stocking Stamp - 8,777np

Cliffhanger Stamp -- 200,000np

Christmas Scene Stamp


Negg Faerie Stamp - 150,000 to 180,000np

Snow Faerie Stamp - 40,000np

Ski Lodge Stamp

Snowager Stamp

Snowbunny Stamp

Sticky Snowflake Stamp - according to the board, it's 20 million np.

The price may have changed because of the demand from avatar collectors. I won't be collecting this just based on the price of that candycan stamp and there are some unbuyable. Some say it will cost 50million np to get the whole set. Unbelievable.

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