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I got this Icy Snowflake from Tarla Giveaway. Didn't think anything (that's why I didn't even take a screenshot) about it thinking it's just a cheap snowflake, I decided to sell it but realized the price is in the 50k np zone. Then I found out this is the snowflake that will get you avatar. But because Tarla gave this away, the price has dropped tremendously. So I decided to lend it out to those who hasn't got this avatar.

Now you all know nothing is free in this world. There is no free lunch that doesn't come with a cost. The condition to borrow this icy snowflake is: YOU MUST BE ON MY NEOFRIEND LIST NOW (that means no new neofriend and I don't accept neofriend from stranger) and you must know how to find me. LOL.

I will put this on trade to pass this to you. Once you got the avatar, you can send it back to me or put it in your trade for me to collect. As simple as that.

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Can I Can I, pls pls, lend me the Snow fake??? For the Let it snow - Avatar???? Thanks. Babyjery - May

5:09 PM

May, PM me when you are on.

9:04 AM

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