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So how many type of omelette does Neopet has? What kind of Omelette do you usually collect from the Giant Omelette? Or you can't be bother to do it? I was just curious and decided to find out how many types of omelette there is in the land of Neopia. All I ever got is just a few types. I wonder why?

This is what I found.

Then there are the rare one:

Little Fishy Omelette

Honey Blossom Omelette

Altador Omelette

Magical Tomato and Pepper Omelette

I couldn't find the images for:

Marshmallow Omelette
Spinach Feta Omelette
Clay Omelette

Other Omelette related:

Giant Omelette Stained Glass Window – 600np

Omelette Shield - 18,000np

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