4b - Neoquest I - Techo Cave 4  

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When you have got the Energy Absorber and at level 36, it's time to leave this 2 caves. You have to go to Cave 4 and to Sunny City.

Note: Fighting Monsters

1. Giant Drakonid
Be careful. He can take 50hp from you even when he's has 1hp left and he can still go a few rounds. Sigh... tough...

Even the picture make it looks scary. LOL.

If you have been upgrading your Reflexes Skill in the Spectral Magic Category (mine is Level 2), this is what it can do:

A giant drakonid attacks you, but your reflexes are superior! A giant drakonid hits themselves for 26 damage!

2. Granite Dervish
I also find it difficult to fight the Granite Dervish. Everytime I fight a dervish, I ended up having to use my potion. It's draining and it can stun you for 2 rounds and taking 40hp from you at any one time. Sigh...

You will get lots of this 2 monsters at the exit of Cave 4.

The monsters you get to rumble with here are:

Lazulite Dervish
We have seen him at cave 2. Getting easier to defeat him now.

Melatite Dervish

Greater Melatite dervish
He will stun you for 2 rounds but he may rewards you with 100xp

Granite Dervish

Tolbas Rock Dragon

Praetus Rock Dragon
He can take 40hp from you but otherwise easy to defeat

Giant Drakonid
He's a gentle giant. Quite easy to defeat. He's found near the exit to the sunny city.

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