4d - Neoquest I - Techo Cave 4, 2, 3, 6  

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After Sunny City, you have to get to The Mountain Fortress. To get there, you have to go throuh Cave 4, then Cave 2, then Cave 3 and Cave 6. Boring, but good to level up. I have to level up to 39 before getting into Mountain Fortress. Don't leave Cave 6 until you are at least at Level 38 or 39.

It's good to have the power of reflex. See what it can do.
"A giant drakonid attacks you, but your reflexes are superior! A giant drakonid hits themselves for 40 damage!"
My reflexes is at level 2.

Here are the monsters from Cave 3. Most of the mosters are the same as Cave 2.

Morgus Rock Dragon

The monster at Cave 6 are the same as Cave 2 and 3. Except now the xp I got for fighting them are lower as I am more powerful.

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