Game: Miuchiz™ Bratz™: Doors and Keys - 3000np  

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Miuchiz™ Bratz™: Doors and Keys

The Miuchiz™ Bratz™ Cloe™ must collect all the items for her big karaoke performance and find the exit within the given time limit. Control Cloe™ using the ARROW KEYS. Collect keys to unlock doors. Each door uses up one key. Use the SPACE BAR to push obstructing shopping carts, and to unlock doors. You can push shopping carts more than once in order to move them out of the way. Bonus points will be awarded based on how fast you complete a level.

There is no monster to run away from or avoid. But must collect all items within 2 minutes before heading to the next level.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5 (So far this is difficult. I finished this level with 5 seconds to spare. phew!)

Level 6

This game is giving me grief. I get so agitated playing this game. But the 3000np per day make me determine to play it. sigh... the sin of greed. LOL

Update on Sep 30, 2006:
I just cruise through level 6 and realized there is a level 7. Here it is:

So until I get through level 7, I don't know if there is a level 8. But once you completed level 6, you should be able to earn 1000np.

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