Game Master Challenge: Eye of the Storm  

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A game resulted from the Cyodrake Gaze Plot, Eye of Storm.

The purpose of the game is to find the Cyodrake's Gaze which is lost among a sea of tiles. Click on the tiles to reveal what they hold. Crewmembers from the Cyodrake's Gaze are concealed under some of the tiles, and they will point you in the ship's direction. There is the wind tiles which will reveal like 4 tiles and the bomb tiles which will bomb a few tiles.

Different Play Modes:
There are 3 different modes for playing Eye of the Storm - Zen Mode, Normal Mode, and Time Trial.

In Zen Mode, you can play as many levels as you want and take as long as you like. While Zen Mode serves as a nice, stress-free introduction tot he game's basics, you will not earn points for your efforts. For this reason, most players elect to try their luck with other two modes.

The Normal Mode and Time Trial comes with their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

Normal Mode allows 20 seconds to complete each of its 20 levels, giving a bonus of 3 points for every second you don't use. But once those unused seconds are redeemed for points, they're gone, so you can't "carry over" the 8 seconds that you didn't use in Level 3 to Level 4. Also, keep in mind that taking more than 20 seconds to complete a level in Normal Mode will end your game.

However, if you are playing in Time Trial Mode, even if you take more than 20 seconds on one level, you will still remain in the game. Additionally, despite not giving you a bonus at the end of each level, Time Trial Mode allows you to play as many levels as you can squeeze into 200 seconds. This is fantastic if you can get through more than the 20 levels that Normal Mode offers. But it's not so great, though, if you can only complete 12 or 14 levels in those 200 seconds.

In Eye of the Storm, your goal is to track down the Cyodrake's Gaze as quickly as possible. This is done by clicking the tiles on screen, which causes them to turn over. When a tile turns over, it either reveals a clue about the location of the Cyodrake's Gaze (known as a "directional tile"), a power-up, the Gaze itself, or a blank space.

Each time that you click on a tile, a deduction is made from the bonus that you receive at the end of the level. The amount that is deducted is based upon 2 factors: Your "view setting", what actually appears when you click on the tile.

If you look at the bottom of the page that lists the 2 game modes, you'll see a section titled "Options". Here you can choose between Brief View (you get a shorter look at the overturned tiles, but only pay 6 points for each directional tile and 3 points for each of the other tiles) and Extended View (you get a longer look at the tile, but the cost is steeper - 10 points per directional tile, 5 points for the others).

Those who are just getting started might want to go with the Extended View setting during the first few games. However, the toll that this setting takes on yoru score is quite high, so as soon as you've gotten comfortable with the game's basics, it would be best to switch over to Brief View, which should boost your totals.

The Tiles:
First, there are directional tiles.
These tiles depict one of 4 crewmembers from the Cyodrake's Gaze, each pointing in a different direction.

The four:

Linae (Point North)
Hoban (Point South)
Bonju (Point East)
Shumi (Point West)

Next is a trio of "power-up" tiles, which can greatly benefit your rescue efforts.
The "Cannon" tile destroys all of the tiles that surround it
The "Storm" tile reveals every one of the tiles that are adjacent to it.

Not only do these power-ups clear out numerous tiles for a mere 3-5 point deduction from your bonus, butif the Gaze happens to be withint he area affected by these special tiles, then you automatically complete the level (Usually cutting down on your number of clicks significantly).

The "Loot" tile haul in one of these treasure chests will add an extra 20 points toward your total.

The last kind of tile you'll encounter is the dreaded blank tile, which provides virtually no benefits to you at all. However, like the 3 power-ups and the Gaze's tile, clicking on a blank tile will only deduct 3 points from your bonus.

The number of blank tiles you encounter increases quickly as you move from level to level.

For example, in level 1, there are approximately 8 blank tiles for every 100 directional tiles on the board.

With the arrival of Level 2, those 8 blank tiles per hundred become 16 blank tiles per hundred. With each level that you complete, the number of blank tiles per hundred increases by another 8 blanks.

By the time you reach level 20, the raito of blank tiles to directional tiles will have reached 160 blank tiles to 100 directional tiles. So the final rounds take more clicks.

The Rewards:
The ration of points to Neopoints is 20NP for every 100 points scored.
So it's going to take a score of at least 5,000 points to get 1000NP.

To get the trophy, you need to score at least 7200pts.


Here are some screenshot to help you to recognize or spot where the Gaze could be.

Pix 1:

Pix 2:

Pix 3:

Pix 4:

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