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Yes, I have been hanging around the employment agency to get my Bruce some jobs on his resume. LOL!

Welcome to the Employment Agency

Every Neopet should have a job! It's a great way to earn Neopoints, and it also keeps them busy. The Faerieland Employment Agency will help you find your perfect job!

Sometimes, it may cost you more to buy the items for a job, than the job will reward you for turning them in -- but that's the risk you take. Says Borgarigmus the Lupe, "Why, once I bought four Rubber Ducks for 30 NP each and was paid 550 NP in return!" But he also once said, "Dangit, I bought four Grass Pies for 8,000 NP and was only paid 2,500 NP!" So it's up to you to figure out which jobs will pay well, and which jobs will bleed your bank account dry!

Job Coupons
Some jobs require a Job Coupon. Job Coupons come in eleven colours, from lowest to highest:

Green Job Coupon (lowest!)
Blue Job Coupon
Red Job Coupon
Silver Job Coupon
Gold Job Coupon
Purple Job Coupon
Pink Job Coupon
Green Brightvale Job Coupon
Bronze Brightvale Job Coupon
Silver Brightvale Job Coupon
Gold Brightvale Job Coupon (highest!)

A job coupon can be used for any job that requires a coupon of that colour or lower; for example, you can use a Red coupon for a Green, Blue, or Red job, but not for a Silver or higher job. When you use a job coupon on a job, that coupon will be downgraded by one level (a Gold coupon will become a Silver coupon, a Red coupon will become a Blue coupon, and a Green coupon will disappear).

The Brightvale job coupons work just like regular ones -- if you use a Green Brightvale Job Coupon, it will be downgraded into a Pink Job Coupon.

Wahhh! I don't have one
If you aren't lucky enough to own a Job Coupon at the moment, don't panic, there will be more ways to earn Job Coupons coming shortly. For now, just practice with the jobs that don't require a coupon.

This is the bars on top of the page;

To get a job, click on the Basic Jobs and wait. What I do is I will wait till the 9 minutes time zone and keep refreshing the page. Like 09, 19, 29, 39. New jobs are available once every 10 minutes.

You will see this page when you get to the agency before the job is offered.

Once the job came on, just click on "Apply for this job"

2 things will happened when you click on the job.

1. You didn't get the job.

Just click on the basic jobs and the page will refresh and try to get another job.

2. You got the job.

It will tell you what you need to get and how much time you are given to complete the task and how much you will be paid when you come back with all the goods.

So on another page which you should set the wizard ready, go there and find where you can get the items. Buy it and come back to the employment agency and click on "Status".

This will bring you to this page.

Click on the name of the items next to your pet's picture. Click on it and it will tell you how well you have done the job and what's your reward.

You are allowed to do 5 jobs a day. Once you have reach the limit, when you went to get more job, you will get this message:

You have already taken enough jobs today! Come back tomorrow.

I was told that you will get a trophy or something, but I haven't seen the trophy. So will update later when I found the trophy.

When you finished the 1st job, you will be promoted to Beginner.
After Job #5, - Novice.
After Job #10, - Apprentice.
After Job #20, - Trainee.
After Job #30, - Amateur.
(this list will be update later as I progress.)

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