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New way to earn more NP.

Have you ever wished that you could earn Neopoints just by watching TV? Well, now you can! An Acara named Samo is getting the video feed ready for you, so just sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun video! When it's over, you'll get to spin a wheel to earn your Neopoints prize*!

When you click to view a video, it will tell you how much NP it is and that after the video you can spin a wheel.

It's loading very slow for me though I am on cable internet connection. Don't know if the "Beta Version" got anything to do with it.

Will update later.

Update #1: Read on the board that it's not working for some also and the reason could be because it's only on Beta Version. (from what I know, Beta version is only available for Premium Members or for testing) So we will have to wait for it to be available for all of us.

Update #2: I can load the game and the advertisement is running. After the ad is running, you will be asked to spin the wheels. Right now (as everyone on the board is saying) you will land on 600np. Then you are brought back to the main screen to ask you to view a video. The whole process go through 5 times when it will tell you to come back tomorrow.

However, instead of the 3000np (600np x 5 times) that you are suppose to get, you actually only get 1000np. Go figures. Don't know if it's a glitch or the game is not properly set up. We will see. Wait for more update.

Sep 29, 2006: The game is running smoothly for today. But I didn't get 3000np for today because when I spin the wheel, it landed on 100np. So good luck. See where your wheels land.

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