The Cyodrake's Gaze - chapter 3  

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The Cyodrake's Gaze is back. At Faerieland. And it has wings. LOL

The... the ship! It flies! How could he have kept that to himself?!

"Of course it flies! We can't restrict our voyages to the sea, now can we?"

You should have known, really. Nothing about these Neopets has been as it appears. Still... it flies! How cool is that?

"Back to the issue at hand, friend. Once again, we have failed to locate Hoban. I fear we are taking too long, and our chances of finding him grow weaker with each passing day. I am now stronger in my belief that our only chance of locating him is by gathering information and narrowing our search."

He has a point. With Neopian seas as vast as they are, simply sailing (or even flying) around randomly isn't going to do much.

"Let us talk with Bonju, the ship's cook. While not the most... learned Neopet, he can be quite sagacious at times. He may provide some knowledge we have not yet obtained."

Speak to the Bonju, the chef and you get to read Chapter 3 Comic.

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