The Cyodrake's Gaze Chapter 2  

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The Cyodrake's Gaze

It's back at Mystery Island. You can read Chapter 2 of the Comic.

You approach Captain Tuan, eager to hear the news of their Navigator's return. Unfortunately, he doesn't look very happy, but that could just be how he always looks.

"Ah, we meet again. What of Hoban? The news is not good, I'm afraid. We've searched for two days but have yet to discover his whereabouts. We caught sight of Mystery Island and thought he might have made it here, but it does not appear so. We'll not give up that easily, however. We plan to head out again as soon as we rest a bit and resupply."

Unless you find your own ship and your own crew to search the vast Neopian oceans, you'll not actually be much help here. You press Captain Tuan again, asking if there's anything you can do aside from that.

"Well, I've been thinking... we know nothing of when or where Hoban fell. Orrin does not know the time, nor is he sure through which portal he witnessed the fall. He was tossed about quite a bit in the... *ahem* locked storeroom during the storm. Perhaps by speaking to the rest of the crew, we could retrace Hoban's steps during the storm and figure out when he disappeared. Knowing that may help us narrow our search, giving us a much better chance of finding him."

Brilliant! You could easily do that. You've always had a knack for asking the right questions. Well, not really, but how hard could it be?

"Very well. I'll ask you to speak to Kentari, then. He is the weapons vendor aboard this vessel. He also provides security, which is why I think it wise to speak to him first. You'll find him off the port bow... though, I'm not quite sure what he's doing there, exactly."

You salute the Captain with a hearty, "aye, aye," then make your way to Kentari.

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