Bye Bye Shinhii  

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I have abandoned my Christmas Peophin, shinhii. She was 541 days old. I named her after my favorite Taiwanese Rock Band - Shin.

She was borned an elephante.

Then I gave her a Red Transformation Potion to turn her into a Red Techo. For that I get an avatar.

Then I sent her to the lab and zapped her into a Glowing Techo. She stayed a Techo for a while. She was changed from Glowing to Strawberry to Snow and when she was a snow pet, she got me an avatar in christmas 2005.

Then she was zapped into a Blue Grundo.

Not happy with that I sent her to the lab again and she became a Yellow Baby Peophin

She was finally changed into a Christmas baby Peophin.

I actually felt a tinsy bit sad and guilty for abandoning her at the pound. But wow... she was immediately adopted by someone from United Arab Emirates. Hopefully she is doing well there. LOL...LOL... ROFLOL....LOL...LOL...

Reason why I abandoned her because my friend got a beautiful Disco Shoyru for me. She will be arriving tonight. LOL. And he got a lovely petpet. A noil. Cool.

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