The Altador Cup Prizes  

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Altador Cup Prizes! - Yup! They're finally here. If you have participated in the Altador Cup Game, go HERE to claim your prizes.

1st off, you will get a trophy cup. Then you will get the Side-bar Theme. And an avatar.

Then you will told how much points you have to spend. I am too embarass to say how many points I have. I didn't win any game but did score 1 point. LOL. I should have send all those lost point too. haahaahaa... Anyway, 1 goal, 10 points. All I can get is a keyring.

Oh... go to the Staff Tournament and Awards Ballot to see if your selection is correct. If so, you will get a prize too.

And for those who stay with their team from start to end, you will get extra. I don't know what that is because I didn't stay with my team. LOL... well, I guess it pays to be faithful.

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