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aka SHH.

When you visit the site of Neopet, you page will refresh. Frequent fresh of the page will lead to random events. Some are good, some are bad and some are useless. Here are a list of some of the random events I had collected.

Good SHH:

However, I have never won a lottery before. sigh...

Found NP SHH:

Although you don't get np straight away, but if you buy the stock and sell it soon, you can make some np from the tips.

Sometimes, it will tell you your pet is hungry and wants you to buy certain food.

And then sometimes the lupe will come and heal your pet.

And then the battledome challenger who randomly appear while you are doing some task on the site.

If you have a shop, it may grow in size all of a sudden.

Then there is the totally useless random event.

The worst kind are the type that steal your items or np.

And this kadoties! She has stolen at least 5 times from me. Once she steals from me two times in a week. So don't put too much np on hand. Keep them in the bank.

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