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What are Codestone?
Codestones are magical items that you use to pay for training at the Mystery Island Training School.

Where can I find codestones?
Codestones can be found all over the site (random event). You may be lucky and find one on the floor.

Most commonly you can buy codestones using the Shop Wizard. If you are lucky, you can win them at Tombola.

They usually cost about 4,000NP each. However, price will increase if there is a rumor that a war plot is happening soon. Some like Main, Vo, EO can cost about 8,000NP

When you have all of these codestones in your inventory, refresh and you will get the avatar.

The codestone are:

What are red codestones?
When you pet's level reaches 250, you can't train at the academy anymore. You have to go to the Secret Ninja Training School. In order to train here, you need the special red codestones.

To get the red codestone, you need to go to the volcano - codestone redemption center.

Welcome to the Mystery Island Volcano! It was recently discovered that by throwing normal codestones into the volcano you can get special Red Codestones out. These magical stones will help your Neopet advance their skills beyond the training offered at the Training School.

The red codestone.

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