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Meridell is a medieval land from the past, You can visit Meridell for great games like bullseye, frog kissing, puzzles and much more! From meridell, you can visit the Meri Aces Farm, Darigan Citadel, Brightvale, and Meridell Castle.

Ultimate Bullseye!
Tournament Round Table Poker
Kiss The Mortog - When you guess the correct Mortog four times in a row, collect your winnings after the 4th correct guess (about 5900 in winnings) and you will get an avatar.

Turdle Racing
Avatar is awarded when you complet level 5, click on "Next Level", and then view the main Shapeshifter game page.

Avatar is awarded randomly when you complete rolling the cheese down the hill in 60 or less seconds, using any kind of cheese.

Ye Olde Petpets

Illusen's Glade is here. Read about her in the Faerie Quest Section.

The king of all petpets is sleeping... can your petpet wake him up?? If you petpet can wake him up, he will eat your petpet. Then he will give you an avatar. His waking hour is random.

Pay a visit to Meri Aces Farm

Here you can play these games:

Pick your own
You pay 400np to play the game. Click anywhere on the page and you will pick some berries or junk or dung. Once you have 6 items in your basket, your time is up. You can discard the item you don't want by clicking the item in your basket. It will prompt you and ask you "are you sure you want to discard the pile of dung?" Click OK. When you leave the Pick Your Own farm with six non-dung items you will get an avatar

Attack of the Slorgs
Submit a score of 1000 and you get this avatar

EXTREME Potato Counter
Submit a score of 200+ and you will get this avatar.

Potato Counter
You will be reward 75np for guessing it at the quickiest time.

Try your luck at Guessing the Weight of the Marrow.

Visit the Rubbish Dumb and see if you can get any treasure.

Currently hovering over Meridell is the evil Darigan Citadel.

The Darigan Citadel

This is an ancient floating citadel hangs in the air above Meridell. It is ruled by the (once evil) Lord Darigan.

It's believed by the neopian that the avatar will be randomly awarded while playing Cellblock after Tournament 6/7.

Petpet Arena Where your petpet can gain level up if it wins 10 round of battle.

Darigan Toys

Meridell will also lead you to Brightvale

It is about fifty miles east of Meridell. It is a kingdom ruled by King Hagan, the Wise King (he is the older brother of the Grumpy king - King Skarl). It's a place full of knowledge and lovely ornate windows.

At Brightvale, you can visit the Wise King in the castle. If you tell him something intelligent, he may reward you with Np.

You can spin The Wheel of Knowledge. It cost 500np per spin. Once a day. You could win Neopoints, an item, or even our grand prize - wisdom from the mouth of King Hagan himself. And if you landed on the flag of Brightvale, you will be awarded an avatar.

Royal Potionery
Brightvale Glaziers - I will say check the wizard. Sometimes it's cheaper there.
The Scrollery
Brightvale Books - you know somthing? I have never been able to buy anything here before. All the brightvale books I've gotten is from the Wheel of Knowledge.
Brightvale Motery
Brightvale Fruits
Brightvale Armoury

Meridell Castle

To the South of Meridell lies the castle of King Skarl, king of the whole of Meridell. Skarl wisely rules the land, with the help of his top knights and peasant militia.

Meridell just fought off an attack by the evil Lord Kass.

This is where the Grumpy old King lives. Tell him a bad joke and he may award you with an avatar.

Double or Nothing
Invasion of Meridell - 300 BN
Escape from Meridell Castle
Avatar is awarded if you are within the top 50 high scorer in the high score table when trophies are awarded daily.

Shop:Kayla's Potion Shop

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