The World of Neopia - Haunted Wood  

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Haunted Woods

The spooky halloween world! Who knows what evil lurks within these haunted woods! Read scary stories, embark on chilling quests, and beware the beast that lurks behind the tree...

Come here and see what your pet looks like painted with the Halloween Paintbrush.

Game Graveyard
It's where dead games go. Games so horrible, so scary that we had to remove them from the site, but now, thanks to this page, they live on! These games that have been taken down from Neopets for various reasons, and now they are available for you to play. You won't be able to send score however, and there are no high score tables.

An avatar is given randomly when you refresh here. It took me a long time to get this.

The Witch's Tower

An avatar is given randomly when you complete one of her quest.

The Brain Tree

The Esophagor

You need to do 2 Esophagor quests to get the answer to the Brain Tree's quest. When you had done this, you will get them as challenger for your Neopian Defender Game.


MAGAX: Destroyer

You get an avatar when you submit a score of 3000+

Castle of Eliv Thade
An avatar is given when you submit a score of 1200+.
Note: when you have go round the rooms and come back, go back and forth around the area and try to score about 850points before enter the last room which is 8 words. That way you are safe to get 1200points. Try to go take 3 steps whenever you can because that gives more points. Avoid those cracked steps because majority of the time, you will fall and lose 1 life.

You can go here to help you with most of the answer. But those answer that's neopet specific, you will have to guess,

Spooky Pets!

Deserted Fairground

Deep within the Haunted Woods lies a spooky old fairground. It looks like it might have been a lot of fun before *something* drove everyone away...

Ghost Neopet
Come here and see what you pet looks like if painted with the ghost paintbrush.

The Wheel of Misfortune!

You will get an avatar when you land on the Pile of Sludge prize spot and have one of your items sludged.

Deserted Fairground Scratchcards

When you win anything from scratching the card, you will get an avatar. It cost 1,2000np to buy a scratchcard and you can buy it once every 2 hours.

These games are all by chances and luck.

It cost 250np to play. Be careful. It's very easy to lose all your np here. LOL.

Cork Gun Gallery
It will cost you 100np to play.

Test Your Strength!
It's 100np per play per day. I give up on this game. I can never make any significant progress.

Coconut Shy

Dr. Sloth's Carnival of Terror

Spooky Furniture
Haunted Weaponry
Spooky Food

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