How to be as Rich as Adam  

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After playing neopet for 16 months, I am as rich as Adam.

How do you do it?
It can be done with just playing 2-3 hours a day (although I spent more times than that). Most of my np - the currency used in neopia world, came from playing games and selling things in my shop.

The games I played daily:

A Trix: Turn & Burn - 3000np
7-Eleven: Turn & Run - 3000np
Over the Hedge: Turn & Burn - 3000np
Survey Shack: Majority Rules - 3000np
The Castle of Eliv Thade - 3000np
Word Pyramid - 3000np
Sutek's Tomb - 3000np
Meepit Juice Break - 3000np
Dice Escape - 850np per game - 2550np
Typing Terror - 750np per game = 2250np
Total: 28,800np

Sponsored Games:
Aly & AJ: Personality Quiz - 600np
Devo 2.0: Personality Quiz - 600np
7-up Fidosophy Personality Quiz - 600np
Survey Shack: Super Daily Survey - 1500np
Hilary Duff: Matching - 1950np
Holly Hobbie: Matching Madness - 1950np
Polly Pocket? Game - 885np
Total: 8085np

Grand Total= 36,885np

Without the earning from my shop, I will deposit at least 30,000np into the bank every day.
In 1 week, I get 210,000np. In 5 weeks you will accumulate 1.05million. You should be able to get 11 million in 52 weeks or 13 months. That's about the time I got my Adam's Avatar.

No Six Avatar.
You need to have as much np as adam. And Adam currently has 11,070,786 Neopoints.

The first few months of playing neopet, I was like a blind looking for a needle in a haystack. Did a lot of wrong things and wasted a lot of times. But with committed playing, I found my ways and furiously play catch up. lol...

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Hi I love this website its given me so many tips! Thanks

-Kerry ;)

3:31 PM

Kreai, can you add link to games that you play daily?

7:16 PM

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