All the Petpets  

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All the Petpets

How do you name your Neopet's Petpet?
Click on 'Quick Ref' to see a list of your Neopets. To get to quick ref, click on 'Pet Central', then 'Quick Ref', or you can click on your Neopet's name in the yellow side bar. If you have given one of your pets a petpet it will appear there. Click on the Petpet you wish to name to go to a new page. Here you can enter a name for your petpet and even talk to it :)

Once you paint a Petpet does it stay that colour?
Yes, that means if you decide to sell the Petpet or put it in your Safety Deposit Box it will stay the colour you painted it unless you paint it again.

Once you paint a petpet, how do you get it back to its original colour?
You need to get another petpet paintbrush and paint it again. For example if you have painted your Geb pink, you will need to get a yellow petpet paintbrush to return it to its former self.

How do I remove a Petpet?
Click on 'Quick Ref' to see a list of your Neopets. To get to Quick Ref, click on 'Pet Central' and then 'Quick Ref', or just click on your Neopet's name from the yellow side bar. If you have given one of your pets a petpet, it will appear underneath your Neopet. There is a button beneath the picture of the petpet that says "Stop playing with PetPet." Click on the button and the petpet will be returned to your inventory.

How do you feed a Petpet?
You don't have to feed Pet Pets, as long as your Neopet shows it lots of love and attention your Pet Pet will be completely self-sufficient:)

Can I talk to my petpet?
Once you have given a petpet to one of your Neopets you can say things to it. Your petpet will reply, but depending on its species you probably won't get too intelligent a response from it :) To do this click on your pets name in the yellow side bar (or click on Quick Ref). Then click on the petpet you wish to talk to. A new page will now appear and you can type something to your petpet in the text box.

Here is a list of (nearly) all the Petpets your Neopet can adopt! Petpets are usually very expensive... but worth it! If you have a Petpet, they may also help you out in a Battledome fight! The RARE Petpets are not listed here.

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